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Expert Tips for Construction Safety Week 2018

tips for construction safety week

Construction Safety Week runs from May 7-11 this year and aims to highlight the importance of a safe and hazard-free workplace for construction workers across the country. Construction Safety Week 2018’s slogan, “We are stronger and safer together,” serves as a reminder of how powerful a mutual understanding and respect of safety can impact the workplace. Continue reading

Aerial Lift Accidents Waiting to Happen [Video]

aerial lift fails are aerial lift accidents waiting to happen

The epic forklift fail has gained international attention over the past few years. Dangerous speeds, mind-boggling forklift configurations (including using a forklift to elevate another forklift) and other boneheaded near-blunders are viral videos waiting to happen.

But don’t forget about aerial lifts and scissor lifts – or both at the same time, as we’ll see in a minute. Continue reading

Global AWP Market Research Report 2017-2022

Global AWP Market Research Report

With a continued increase in the construction industry worldwide, and with industry technologies becoming more advanced and systems more mechanized, the global aerial work platform (AWP) market is growing at a steady pace and expected to continue. The market is projected to grow by nearly 7% by the end of 2026.

Learn more about the top factors influencing the market and its projected growth, where the market is heading, and which AWP vendors and manufacturers are leading the way in our report below.

Continue reading

Why You Should Get Aerial Lift Certification in Dallas

aerial lift certification in dallasDallas is the 2nd-largest city in Texas (behind Houston), has one of the strongest local economies in the United States. More Fortune 500 companies per capita reside in Dallas than any other city, and it’s not even close.

Communications, transportation, natural resources, high-tech – in practically every sector, Big D is all about big jobs. And with construction, manufacturing and other jobs showing positive trends, there are great opportunities for aerial lift operators and aerial work platform (AWP) employees in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area. Continue reading