Top 5 Scissor Lift Brands for Your Business

The best scissor lift brand varies based on your requirements. For instance, some businesses need scissor lifts that can empower operators to repair power lines, trim trees, and complete other outdoor tasks at heights. Other businesses utilize scissor lifts that enable operators to perform tasks in warehouses and other indoor settings.  

The first thing you should do before making your purchase is to research the scissor lift brands and what they have available. You want one with a good reputation for low maintenance and long service life.Choosing the right scissor lift for the job is important for the ability to reach the heights you need and for worker safety. You have many scissor lift brands from which to choose. Let’s explore the top 5 scissor lift manufacturers.

What to Look for in the Best Scissor Lifts

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Scissor lifts come in different sizes and can reach heights from 19 to 50 feet. You can also choose from diesel, dual-fuel, or electric scissor lift options. The lift mechanism can be hydraulic or pneumatic. Some scissor lift brands also do well on rough terrain. The best scissor lift for you depends on the height you need to go, your job site requirements, and budget. Here are some of the best scissor lift manufacturers with a solid reputation.

1. Genie

Genie is one of the top scissor lift brands for indoor and outdoor use. They are relatively quiet and easy to maneuver. Another feature that makes Genie a top pick is that they offer a large platform that feels stable.

2. Snorkel

Snorkel lifts is one of the top electric scissor lift manufacturers. They also make lifts for low-level and rough terrain uses. Further, they use heavy-duty steel construction, are compact, and offer heights from 12.5-feet to 45-feet.

3. JLG

JLG is known for making scissor lifts with a long service life. Their long runtime is further backed by excellent customer support. Additionally, JLG are also the makers of the world’s largest self-propelled boom lift.

4. Skyjack

Skyjack is another brand that is known for durability and longevity. With a user-friendly control system Skyjack scissor lifts are also easy to troubleshoot and repair. They are a popular choice for inspection and assessment work.

5. MEC

MEC is a top brand for all-around performance and safety. Aside from making slab and rough terrain lifts, they also offer models that are made for indoor work.

These brands represent only a few of the top scissor lift options on the market today. To decide which brand is right for your company, it helps to first consider what type of lift you want. Then, you can narrow your search to find the best electric scissor lift. Or, you can focus on hydraulic, diesel, rough terrain, or other scissor lift options. 

Regardless of whether you pursue a scissor lift or another type of aerial work platform (AWP), you need to provide your employees with OSHA-compliant certification training. This ensures your workers can safely operate your AWP. Also, it enables your business and its AWP operators to comply with OSHA mandates.

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Becoming a Certified Scissor Lift Operator

Becoming certified in scissor lifts and aerial lifts opens a wide range of career opportunities. To help you put these high-demand skills to good use, the first step is getting your certification. We can help with Skytrack forklift training, scissor lift certifications, and even help in overcoming your fear of heights or prepare for your OSHA inspection. You can become certified in scissor lifts by calling us at (602) 277- 0615 or contacting us via our website.