What Is the Best Scissor Lift Brand? Here’s An In-Depth Look

Your business needs scissor lifts to ensure its workers can safely complete tasks at heights. Yet, when you browse scissor lifts, you’ll likely find lots of options at your disposal. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best scissor lift brand, it pays to conduct extensive research. That way, you can choose a scissor lift that serves your business and its employees well long into the future. 

best scissor lift brandHow to Identify the Best Scissor Lift Brand

The best scissor lift brand varies based on your requirements. For instance, some businesses need scissor lifts that can empower operators to repair power lines, trim trees, and complete other outdoor tasks at heights. Other businesses utilize scissor lifts that enable operators to perform tasks in warehouses and other indoor settings.  

As you try to figure out which scissor lift brand best suits your company, here are five options to consider:

1. Genie 

Genie scissor lifts are designed for indoor and outdoor worksites. They tend to emit low noise levels in comparison to other types of scissor lifts. And, Genie scissor lifts are easy to maneuver and offer a large platform.

2. Snorkel

Snorkel offers three types of scissor lifts: low level, rough terrain, and electric. These scissor lifts are constructed from heavy-duty steel and have working heights that range from 12 ft., 6 in. to 45 ft. Furthermore, Snorkel scissor lifts are compact, and they represent great options for use in confined workspaces. 

3. JLG 

JLG scissor lifts are top choices for those who prioritize longevity. These scissor lifts have long runtimes in contrast to other options. Plus, JLG scissor lifts are backed by industry-leading customer support. 

4. Skyjack

Skyjack scissor lifts are built with reliability and durability top of mind. The lifts come equipped with a user-friendly control system, so anyone who receives OSHA-approved certification training should have no trouble operating them. In addition, Skyjack scissor lifts are simple to troubleshoot and repair, particularly for operators who conduct ongoing inspections and assessments. 

5. MEC

MEC scissor lifts blend productivity, performance, value, and safety. Various MEC slab and rough terrain scissor lifts are available. These lifts are commonly used for indoor maintenance work at elevation. 

The aforementioned brands represent only a few of the top scissor lift options on the market today. To decide which brand is right for your company, it helps to first consider what type of lift you want. Then, you can narrow your search to find the best electric scissor lift. Or, you can focus on hydraulic, diesel, rough terrain, or other scissor lift options. 

Regardless of whether you pursue a scissor lift or another type of aerial work platform (AWP), you need to provide your employees with OSHA-compliant certification training. This ensures your workers can safely operate your AWP. Also, it enables your business and its AWP operators to comply with OSHA mandates. 

san diego aerial lift certification

Before You Find the Best Scissor Lift Brand, Enroll Your Workers in Certification Training

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Our training program will teach your workers about all aspects of scissor lift safety. It is 100% OSHA-compliant and kept up to date. Moreover, your workers can access our training materials online and review them at their convenience. 

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