Vert-Alert™ Aerial Lift Warning System

The importance of aerial lift safety is paramount to any successful line or cable installation. Here’s a little-known fact: over the past 3 years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued more than 8,500 citations associated with improper use (or total disregard) of fall protection equipment. To put it another way, OSHA hands out more than 7 fall protection-related safety citations every day of the year. Many citations involve minor incidents, while others are handed down because of blatant violations of basic worker safety. If you’re involved with elevated cable and line work, chances are you’ll be scrutinized by OSHA (if you haven’t already).

To assist your company or organization in meeting & exceeding OSHA requirements, the Peluse Vert-Alert™ lift warning system, distributed by the Hi-Line Utility Co., helps ensure worker safety with plenty of smart, essential features.

  • Voice Messages

If your lift is switched to “Up” or “Lift” mode, and the safety harness is not attached to the anchorage, the Vert-Alert™ system automatically announces, “Warning! Attach safety harness lanyard.” The system also has audio for your lift’s “Down” control. In this mode, a high decibel message states, “Warning! Lift descending!”

  • Advanced Data Processing

The Vert-Alert™ lift warning system keeps a running log of data. It analyzes performance every time the alarm activates, and also tracks the date & time of each lanyard connect / disconnect. This information keeps your safety protocols ahead of the curve. You can pinpoint those times where safety

  • Easy Integration

Best of all, the Vert-Alert™ system is easily installed on new and existing equipment.

The Vert-Alert™ aerial lift warning system is perfect for public utility companies, private firms and more. Even one small slip-up can have devastating consequences. Each job presents its own unique challenges and safety concerns. But with the Vert-Alert™ aerial lift warning system in place, you can avoid many of those potential hazards from the start.

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