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10 Aerial Lift Safety Tips for Aerial Work Platform Operators

aerial lift safety tips include fall protection

Aerial lifts are massive and impressive machines that make it possible for workers to keep cities and rural areas running smoothly. They help with repairing utility lines, trimming trees, and maintaining buildings. However, aerial lifts, like cherry pickers and bucket trucks, also contribute to the number of work-related injuries and fatalities in our communities. An average of 26 workers die each year from aerial lifts, and that’s just in the construction industry. If you work with aerial lifts, you need to know how to prevent accidents with the most important aerial lift safety tips from the experts. Continue reading

What is a Boom Lift Used for and Can a Boom Lift Be Used as a Crane?

boom lift vs crane

For many years, boom lifts and cranes have been used to lift and lower heavy loads and reach otherwise inaccessible heights. Dating back to ancient Greece, lifting mechanisms and crane-like structures have helped people build multi-story buildings and amazing structures. One example is the Colosseum, which still stands today. Continue reading